The Best Design, Illustration, Animation and VFX Awards of 2017

Posted by Komal on February 27, 2017 / comment

Category : Graphic Design

Source: Awards are a wonderful time to celebrate the diverse talent of the creative industries – whether you're a student, aspiring artist or industry professional, there’s plenty of chance to have your work recognised. Although some major awards have already passed, such as the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year Awards and the VES Awards…  

This new charity T-shirt line from Ben the Illustrator takes a stand against hate

Posted by Komal on February 21, 2017 / comment

Category : Graphic Design

Source: By Miriam Harris Illustrator Ben O’Brien (aka Ben the Illustrator) is all about "bringing smiles" and a "positive, creative outlook" with his work, and after concerns over world leaders "turning their back on love" over the last year, he set out to redress the situation. Ben’s saving grace is Coup – a charity initiative selling a selection of limit…  

2017’s best character artists

Posted by Komal on February 15, 2017 / comment

Category : Graphic Design

SOURCE : Check out the amazing work produced by some of the best character artists at the moment, who are all appearing at this year's Pictoplasma Festival in Germany. Eran Hilleli, Peter Millard, Chris Haughton and Kirsten Lepore will be among other speakers at this year’s Pictoplasma Conference – which brings together illustrators, designers, artists and fi…  

These posters beautifully illustrate some of the best cinema of 2016

Posted by Komal on February 13, 2017 / comment

Category : Graphic Design

SOURCE : The film posters were designed by individual artists for delve – a film recommendation site by creative agency Human After All. These beautiful bespoke film posters illustrate some of the best cinema of 2016 – including films such as Fences, La La Land, The Revenant, Spotlight and The Nice Guys. The huge collection of film posters have been create…  

Here’s how Adobe introduced Illustrator 1.0 in 1987

Posted by Komal on February 9, 2017 / comment

Category : Graphic Design

30 years ago, Adobe launched what has been the most popular professional vector art and design software. Get nostalgic while you watch the videos Adobe released for its launch. In January 1987, Adobe released the first version of Illustrator – bringing professional illustration tools to the Mac. Illustrator 1.0 looks basic by today’s standards, but was groundbreaking then. In the videos belo…  

Illustrator Bartosz Kosowski reveals how he created this intensely rendered, ambiguous movie poster for I Am A Killer

Posted by Komal on February 7, 2017 / comment

Category : Graphic Design

The Polish illustrator takes us from concept to the finished work of this film poster representing a detective and suspect whose roles blur. This striking movie poster was designed by Lodz-based illustrator Bartosz Kosowski for the recent Polish film Jestem Morderca (I'm A Killer). It’s about the relationship between a man accused of a series of murders and a police detective who’s convinced th…  

37 tips for brilliant black-&-white art

Posted by Komal on February 3, 2017 / comment

Category : Graphic Design

Advice and techniques from 10 leading illustrators for creating black-and-white (and other monochrome) artworks. Researching the right drawing paper to fit my illustration needs was the most important step. I chose 70gsm paper as it is suitable for alcohol-based pens and is bleached white for better scanning results; thin paper also gives the option to quickly redo individual motifs again and…  

Design trends 2017: 22 leading designers & art/creative directors tell us what’s inspiring them for the year ahead

Posted by Komal on February 2, 2017 / comment

Category : Graphic Design

Find out 2017’s important trends across graphic, digital and immersive design, creative direction, advertising, VFX and VR. Most of us will want to put the politics of 2016 behind us, but trends that most affect our practice aren’t just Pantone’s colour of the year – but the deep cultural, social, business, political and technological changes that happen in the world around us. This, along wi…  

These illustrations have us longing for summer holidays

Posted by Komal on January 31, 2017 / comment

Category : Graphic Design

Tom Haugomat has created four wonderful artworks for Air France's in-flight magazine. We're almost a month into the new year, and our thoughts have turned to the warmer climes we will be jetting off to come summer. Today it's Tom Haugomat's series of summery illustrations for an issue of Air France Magazine that's got us thinking of sunshine, beaches, lakes, forests, lounging around sipping …  

How Matthew Cooper designed last year’s best album cover

Posted by Komal on January 28, 2017 / comment

Category : Graphic Design

The sleeve design for English band The Last Shadow Puppets came out on top for this year’s Best Art Vinyl awards, so we grabbed the chance to find out a little more about the man behind the idea – Matthew Cooper. Matthew’s modification of a 1969 Tina Turner studio portrait managed to prove more popular than Jonathan Barnbook’s Blackstar design for David Bowie, which came second, and Jonathan Zawa…  

Pencil & Help on how to run art workshops for children

Posted by Komal on January 21, 2017 / comment

Category : Graphic Design

Collaborative design and illustration practice Pencil & Help explains how they create engaging art classes for children, following their recent collaboration with two London schools. Visual artists Mark Oliver and Mark Long founded Pencil & Help in 2013, to work in education alongside their established personal careers. Mark Long illustrates for a number of editorial clients, including weekly c…  

Best graphic design & branding projects of 2016: retro logos, the Olympics & craft beer

Posted by Komal on January 20, 2017 / comment

Category : Graphic Design

This year we saw a whole bunch of new start-up company logos taking form as simple, vector-based shapes, best suited for digital interfaces, and how the internet (mainly Twitter) responded to the changes (not always so well). We also noticed long-established companies returning to previously used logos from the 1960s or earlier – such as Kodak and NatWest – not mention many-a-beautiful craft beer…  


"No complaints! =)Very good at their field of expertise. Took a little back and forth on parties to get where we needed to be but in the end the result was great."

"SD WEB did a great job on my Graphics. He took a basic concept and turned it into 6 graphics that tell the story I needed to tell. He revised small parts of the graphics until I was completely satisfied. He was on time and very responsive. I will definitely use him again for my next project. "

"Awesome work. Very creative. Highly recommend. " He did an outstanding job and i do plan to hire again!

"Ótimo trabalho, grande ideia. Foi bastante atencioso e ágil com ajustes e entrega dos arquivos. eEcomendo"

"They does excellent work. There were a few times some of the edits I wanted needed to be repeated because they were missed. But, I just asked for those edits again and they were quick to add them. Regarding the time it took to get this project completed, I did not realistically expect them to be done in just a few days. That is no fault of this freelancer. My brother and I live on different sides of the country here in the States. That causes communication delays. And, this freelancer lives half way around the planet! That causes other delays. I was in no rush to get something done in just days. However, if I wanted something real quick I think they would have completed this project in just a few days. This is only the second company I have worked with and I wish I would have chosen them first! I already have plans on asking them to work on future book covers for me."

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