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Posted by Komal on January 20, 2017 / Comments Off on graphics & web solutions

About Komal

I’m a twenty-something year old web girl from the US who has been working with Blog Designer since version 1.x. I work at Solwin Infotech where my focus is on Blog Designer and its surrounding ecosystem.


"one of the best Company we have worked with in US or overseas"

Tom Callahan Executive Director SOS Foundation

"SD WEB did a great job on my Graphics. He took a basic concept and turned it into 6 graphics that tell the story I needed to tell. He revised small parts of the graphics until I was completely satisfied. He was on time and very responsive. I will definitely use him again for my next project. "

Rob McKie, Architect, AECOM - Transportation

"Awesome work. Very creative. Highly recommend. " He did an outstanding job and i do plan to hire again!

Rob McKie, Architect, AECOM - Transportation

"Ótimo trabalho, grande ideia. Foi bastante atencioso e ágil com ajustes e entrega dos arquivos. eEcomendo"

Rob McKie, Architect, AECOM - Transportation

"They does excellent work. There were a few times some of the edits I wanted needed to be repeated because they were missed. But, I just asked for those edits again and they were quick to add them. Regarding the time it took to get this project completed, I did not realistically expect them to be done in just a few days. That is no fault of this freelancer. My brother and I live on different sides of the country here in the States. That causes communication delays. And, this freelancer lives half way around the planet! That causes other delays. I was in no rush to get something done in just days. However, if I wanted something real quick I think they would have completed this project in just a few days. This is only the second company I have worked with and I wish I would have chosen them first! I already have plans on asking them to work on future book covers for me."

Rob McKie, Architect, AECOM - Transportation

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