Graphic Design

We are a small but perfectly formed creative web agency based in Kolkata, India. We have been making pretty things online since 2014 and are always on the lookout for like-minded people.


Logo Design

A logo design is the first thing we will need to design/develop before we do anything else. Whether you are wanting a website design, business card design or a Facebook page design you need a logo first. A logo design essentially says everything about who you are and what your company does. It is also the only way that people will recognize your company or brand. You can check out our logo design packages and pricing here.


Brochure Design

Brochures are also another cornerstone to most businesses. We design many types of brochures including gate fold, tri-fold, quad-fold, die cut, z-fold, Jedi-fold or even bi-fold. Most of our brochure design packages include full color design, printing and shipping to your location all for one flat rate.Brochures are one of the most cost effective printed marketing items available.


Flyer Postcards Mailer Design

We all get a lot of junk mail. Most of which goes straight into our circular file (garbage) or never even makes it home from the post office. Our goal is to create and design something that will stand out so much so that it will be looked at and considered by your potential customer/client before it is tossed.Coupled with massive amounts of creativity, calls to action, use of modern technology tools, we can create the best possible mailing campaign for you and your company.


Poster and Advertisement

If you currently have or want to start an advertising campaign, we can design and execute your ads/ad campaigns for you and Poster design for political candidates, special events, concerts, theaters, plays, musicals, recognitions, announcements, lost & found and more. We use only the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Professional and Illustrator to create your ad and Posters


Book Cover

Occasionally we have an author approach us to do book design and layout. We can handle your book design and complete layout of your pages as needed. We will then of course talk about design and concept before we get started. We can design your book layout and cover to fit your publisher’s specifications. You will want to be positively sure that you are at your final draft before we start, as making corrections after we have started can be very time consuming and costly.


Label & Packaging

IPackaging is also used for convenience and information transmission. Packages and labels communicate how to use, transport, recycle, or dispose of the package or product. Labels serve to capture the attention of shoppers as well as provide useful information regarding the product. We will hit your Target Market


T-SHIRT Graphic

Get graphic – show the world what you’re all about with custom graphic t shirts from SD WEB CREATION ! It’s fun and easy to create awesome graphic tee shirts (one or many!) We offer a huge selection of artwork.



A great illustration contains a little concept called art. Art is a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect. To showcase some of the best artworks, we decide to create this article. While browsing through the illustrations be sure to actually observe the artwork and find the hidden meanings. All of the illustrations are implying a specific message. It is the artist’s goal to tell you that message by showing you their piece of art.


Infographic and PPT

Infographics aren’t a new phenomenon, but they’ve grown in popularity over the last decade. More and more brands, creatives, and consumers are seeing the value of infographic design. Infographics can help communicate information in numerous ways. We will design or turn you boring business PPT to creative infographic artwork

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